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Jenn [userpic]
by Jenn (fire_vixen_geri)
at November 12th, 2006 (02:57 pm)

Wow... Long time no post. Not even really sure how many still check this. But, just curious how everyone be doing, Christmas is coming too soon  -Thinks about dragging the tree up from the basement, and the lights too.- >.<
College for me, frazzling. But also 19 credit hours be a bit much, and knowing next semester will be more yet even!

If anyone still reads these, chance to catch up, maybe if we'd all like to continue this sometime?

Jenn [userpic]
by Jenn (fire_vixen_geri)
at June 1st, 2006 (11:27 pm)

current mood: busy
current song: All American Rejects - Move along

WOO! Summer. Yay! I've already got burnt, again. But!
Just wondering if there's still interest in this continuing, or need to wait a bit more.

I know even though I've been out since -Squints- May 12th (But had to go back for yearbook. Wee.) but things really havn't slowed down a whole lot. So just drop a line about what you think is best, what's going on, Won't give up without a fight! Just curious what y'all think!

Jenn [userpic]
by Jenn (fire_vixen_geri)
at May 11th, 2006 (08:38 pm)

Just a quick post, saying I'd love to keep this icontest up and going if possible. The school year is coming to a close (Woot! Tomorrow's last day!) for most. Hopefully everyone is doing good, or atleast okay!

Jenn [userpic]
by Jenn (fire_vixen_geri)
at April 22nd, 2006 (11:43 pm)

current mood: curious

Well... -Looks around- What to do?
We had two people enter, making a total of 6 icons.
I know, myself, I'm uber busy and about to rip my hair out with graduation and being editor in yearbook, cracking the whip to get it done.
We had not too shabby of a start, but.. What do you guys think? Anything at all is loved!

Jenn [userpic]
by Jenn (fire_vixen_geri)
at April 15th, 2006 (11:05 pm)

Reminder to get those icons into the icontest, have less than a week! Follow the little linky to the cute pictures and rules!

Jenn [userpic]
#4 - Candy, Spring, Bunnies....
by Jenn (fire_vixen_geri)
at April 8th, 2006 (02:10 am)

current mood: sleepy

I know its kinda late---- er, early buuut....

Image hosting by Photobucket

Like the loverly banner says, this time going with a slight Spring/Easter theme!
You have five pictures to pick from (all behind the cut) to help create up to three icons due April 22nd @ 12:01 AM. It's kind of a wide range of pictures, no really strict rules, but that allows for more creativity! Enter as a reply to this post
Awww look at the wittle...Collapse )
Entries: 6

Jenn [userpic]
#3 Swing Music Banners
by Jenn (fire_vixen_geri)
at March 21st, 2006 (10:31 pm)

Banners finally for Swing Music #3 icontest! Went for a little different style, I really like how they turned out! Might take some of those ideas for another header... I love marbles, kinda funny, some people think I've lost mine.. :P

I know, I'm slow, Whatcha think?Collapse )

Jenn [userpic]
by Jenn (fire_vixen_geri)
at March 21st, 2006 (02:08 pm)

current mood: sore
current song: La Vie Boheme - Rent Soundtrack

Hey everyone, I know long time no word here. School is getting hecktic, and today, it be a snow day (yesterday too) for all 20 inches of snow! So decided to get working on banners. Well, They will hopefully get done, since I killed my back out clearing snow (Snowblower would be smart, new one that is not as old as me..) its like stuck in this chair unless I wanna cry from pain moving much. But, last icontest, there was no posts. I brought up before, but what do you guys want to do? Is it just we have hit an uber busy time of year? Ideas on what contest you want next, what do you want to do? But back to my Lunchable!

Jenn [userpic]
by Jenn (fire_vixen_geri)
at March 3rd, 2006 (07:30 am)

I know you guys have not hit your deadline just yet for the Harry Potter icontest, (No icons yet. And I still need to finish up the banners for swing, sorry!) But what if anything can we do to help you guys? No entries, last one really didn't have a lot. I totally understand its a busy time of year, I'm hitting that too. Just trying to find a time for a break, let alone make graphics, yeah. Is it just we're not picking good ideas for the icontest? Just want your opinion on all of this. Ideas, comments, anything, greatly appreciated! (Mandy and I are going to be gone for awhile, so just a little heads up with that)

Jenn [userpic]
by Jenn (fire_vixen_geri)
at February 26th, 2006 (07:11 pm)

Okays! Finally got word that we are extending the Harry Potter Icontest! It is extended to March 4th 12:01 am, 3 icons and all that! Back at This post, enter the Harry Potter icons

And here are some more ideas

Trio COS

Prisoner of Azkaban

-EDIT again..-
Mandy finally got it changed (And she calls me the blond one..) so you can post it back on the post I put the link to up above ^^^

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