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Mixed Kinki Icons!
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Have multi fandoms, but would love having those icontests in once place? Thats why this was created!

Our theme for everything is a mixed bag of candy.
Why a mixed bag of candy?
Because the subject for each contest is completely different! It's very multi-fandom and topic. Perfect for people with so many interests they don't know which icontest to join.

About each week, there will be a blank, picture, lyrics, or theme to create from. It may range from Harry Potter, to cats, Pirates of the Caribbean, Matrix, to Evanescence, always a surprise! Each week is something different!

Since this is a new community, we are open to new contest ideas! Don't be afraid to contact either mandy_rose or fire_vixen_geri we don't bite, most of the time.

kink•y ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kngk)
adj. kink•i•er, kink•i•est
Tightly twisted or curled: kinky hair

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1)Be fun. Be creative. Always use your own original work.
2)Don't share your icon, or use it, until the contest it is in is over.
3)Always make icons livejournal compatible, that's why this is a livejournal community! (100x100 pixel, up to 40 kb and in jpg, gif or png format)
4)Always make new icons, because we're worth it! (unless otherwise specified)
5)Problem? Don't spread the drama, contact us, we're the co-owners, we love you.

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1)When posting, submit your icon(s) with first the icon, and then the url.
Example: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
2)Always post your icon to the original post for the contest, not the reminders.
3)Standard contests will allow you to enter 2. Check the current contest to see if there's been an exception.
4)Submissions are due by Friday night at midnight. (EST)
5)Voting will be posted Saturday and winners will be posted Monday morning. (But let's face it, what contest is perfect about that?)
6)Vote for three icons each contest. (Unless otherwise specified) Always vote in order of the icons you prefer.
7)Don't vote for yourself, or get someone to join to vote for you. Let's face it, that's not cool. What is cool is getting someone to join, to join in on the fun! (Not required)
8)Banners will be given to the winners within the week!

Sorry these aren't all exactly rules, but first time running a community, please, bare with us.

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The Code To help Spread the news of our Community!!

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